Natural Flavor

Our classic CBD oil for pets – simple and unflavored. Mixes well with your dog’s food and treats

Bacon Flavor

Our CBD tinctures in a smokey bacon flavor. What dog doesn’t love bacon!?

CBD Benefits

CBD is not just for humans but animals can also benefit. Cannabis oil can be used to treat (minimize) seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, symptoms of cancer, and gastrointestinal issues, among other health conditions in dogs (source: PetMD). Canis World only uses all natural organic CBD.  Our products do NOT contain THC. Canis World is dog owned, dog tested, and dog approved.  Canis World is “cause-driven” whereby the highest quality product is produced, third party lab tested, made in the USA and provided at affordable pricing – we want dogs and cats to have quality products that their paw parents can afford.  Read the About page and learn more about Canis World.

Message from the Chief Operating Dog


Each dog is unique. When it comes to dosing with CBD factors such as the weight and age of the animal can impact dosing levels.  It is always wise to “stair step” into the proper dosing under parental supervision.  Some dogs may need more while other dogs need less.  We will go through some general guidelines to give you a starting point but always recommend you also discuss dosing with your veterinarian. Read More…

Meet the Team

Canis World is founded by Christopher Robin (with the help of his parents).  The team behind Canis World consists of the Chief Operating Dog, Chief of Compliance Dog, Chief of Research and Development Dog, Chief of Quality Control Dog and the Vice President of Taste Testing Dog. Take a moment and get to know the team behind Canis World…

What to Look For in CBD

When developing Canis World CBD – the most important aspect was the quality.  Our CBD is made in the USA.  Contains no THC.  Is all natural organic Hemp extract. There are variations in the milligrams of CBD in CBD products.  Understanding the milligrams and how many milliters are in a bottle can be a confusing aspect to understand….so let’s explain it in simple terms…

Canis World Product Line

High quality ingredients with added benefits to help dogs live long, happy and healthy lives.

Canis World For Cats Now Available

The same high quality product you love, in cat-friendly sizes and concentrations!


My name is Christopher Robin.  In 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery twice to address the cancer.  I had an oncologist who did full body CAT scans on me.  My parents gave me high doses of CBD four times a day and took me to the vet office 4 times per week to be monitored.  Between the quality medical care, vet staff and the CBD I took…I left my vet speechless when he saw how rapid my healing was and how well I was doing.  Read more about my story as it is what inspired me to become the Chief Operating Dog of Canis World! Christopher Robin

My name is Gipper.  I am 9 years old and had a lot of pain in my hind legs and hips.  I found that I couldn’t even jump in the car anymore.  My vet put me on Rimadly that started to impact my liver so I had to get a prescription for liver medication.  Long story short, I went on CBD and felt like my ole self again.  I have since gone off of Rimadyl and the liver prescriptions and now take pure CBD oil every single morning.  I can now play like I used to, jump in the car and feel great! Gipper

My name is Baron Wolford and sometimes just B.W. for short.  I was having a hard time standing up, was anxious and really had a loss of appetite.  I chalked it up as the pains of growing old.  My dad put me on Canis World CBD and I started to feel that pep in my step again.  Most importantly – I wasn’t in pain and felt a lot more relaxed.  Oh, and I also noticed that I enjoyed eating my meals again. Baron Wolford